Pediatric Patients and Adults

Eye Examination Frequency for Pediatric Patients and Adults

Getting a regular eye examination plays an essential part in maintaining your vision. When you are unsure about the frequency for an exam as well as what to expect from the treatment, you want to start with clarifying what is appropriate depending on your situation.

pediatric and adult eye exams from our optometrist in hamilton

Frequency of an Exam

As a general rule, most individuals need an annual exam or exams every other year. The exact frequency varies based on your eye health during previous examinations as well as the specific risks to your vision. Timing also depends on the situation, so we may recommend more regular visits during specific times of your life. For example, we recommend more regular visits for older adults or pregnant women due to the changes in their body that may impact their vision. Most individuals only need one exam per year for their eyes.

Pediatric Exams

Pediatric exams for the eyes differ from exams for an adult. A key difference is the potential concerns a professional identifies and evaluates during the exam. Children are less likely to develop age-related eye conditions but may need treatment to address a lazy eye, nearsightedness, farsightedness or challenges with the development of the eyes. We also focus on age-appropriate exams that may differ from adult options by using pictures of animals or other objects to help young children.

Adult Eye Exams

Eye exams for adults differ from children due to the potential risks associated with their eyes. Older adults may have a risk of cataracts, glaucoma or changing vision due to aging. Younger adults may need less frequent exams because their eyes are less likely to see changes in the near future. Examples of people who should always be seen annually are those who have diabetes, contact lens wearers, and those over 65. Others who are low risk can often have exams every two years instead if no risk factors were identified previously.

While the specific risks to the eyes may differ for adults and children, our exams focus on potential concerns after evaluating the situation. We may ask about your health or the health of a child during the exam to avoid potential complications. Treating a condition in the eyes depends on the age of the individual and their current medical situation. As a general rule, the majority of adults need an annual eye exam to check for potential concerns.

We may recommend more frequent exams for young children, older adults and pregnant women due to the risks to their eyes.

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