Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an advanced treatment method to help individuals develop visual skills and proper eye function. Sometimes, children may appear to have learning disabilities or even ADHD, when, in fact, they have correctable visual-motor issues. Visual therapy (VT) from our eye doctor is like physical therapy for your eyes.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy in Hamilton Ontario is a personalized eye care program designed to help your eyes function better, work together and improve eye-brain communication. The specialized, supervised treatment from our vision therapy doctors both in-house and in the community will improve your vision, strengthen eye muscles and can increase the perception of the things you see. Visual training helps you extract meaning from the world around you or the page you are reading. Visual therapy helps to treat visual problems that are not fully correctable with eyeglasses, contacts or eye surgery.

Who Can Benefit from Vision Therapy?

Children and adults with the following conditions can be treated with vision therapy. Visual therapy at our optometrist may help you if you have problems with:

  • Amblyopia (Lazy eye)

  • Strabismus (convergence insufficiency, misalignment when doing close-up activity/reading)

  • Recovery after eye surgery for strabismus

  • Eye teaming or visual object tracking issues

  • Eye alignment (binocular vision problem)

  • Focusing the eyes (accommodative disorder)

  • Eye movement deficiencies

  • Visual processing issues

  • Vision problems after a stroke

Now that you've seen the variety of eye and vision problems that visual therapy may help, you may be thinking, "where can I get vision therapy near me?” You'll be happy to learn that this treatment is available, right here in Hamilton Ontario.

Types of Visual Therapy

Optometrists who are visual therapists, like our eye doctor in Hamilton, ON, practice developmental vision care and vision rehabilitation. Our vision therapy doctor provides visual training in a supervised program tailored to the specific needs of the patient. Visual therapy helps to improve visual function with specific eye exercises and more. Treatment may also involve vision activities using a computer, prisms, filters, eye patches, lenses and more. If the patient is a child, as is often the case, the parent(s) may also become involved in supervising at-home treatment assignments.

Learn More About Vision Therapy in Hamilton Ontario

Are you wondering “where can I get vision therapy near me?” Our eye doctor can first examine and analyze your child's vision with a comprehensive eye exam. We will conduct eye tests that assess vision skills that are necessary for efficient reading to provide a proper diagnosis. This enables our optometrist to create a customized vision therapy plan for you or your child whether it be in-house or via referral. Contact Crown Point Optometry in Hamilton, ON for an appointment or for additional information. Contact us at 905-543-1110 today.



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