Retinal Imaging

Digital retinal imaging is a method used for eye exams in patients. Using this method our optometrist can identify serious eye diseases and vision problems more accurately. We use a retinal imaging machine as part of our comprehensive eye exams here at Crown Point Optometry in Hamilton, Ontario. Discover more information about how we use this technique for checking patient's’ eyes and vision health.

Retinal Imaging at Crown Point Optometry.

Who Needs an Advanced Digital Exam

An advanced digital exam is best for patients who are at risk of having eye conditions and diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. As a result, we recommend the use of retinal imaging for adult patients, as well as younger patients who are diagnosed with eye-related health conditions, such as diabetes. Senior patients who may suffer from age-related vision loss, such as macular degeneration, are also good candidates for retinal imaging.

Eye Diseases and Conditions Diagnosed With Retinal Imaging

This eye exam focuses on the retina, optic disk, and blood vessels within the eyeball. Therefore, any eye diseases and conditions associated with these aspects of the eye can be tested for using optical measurement via retinal imaging. This includes diabetic retinopathy, which is caused by high blood sugar for an extended time and can lead to a torn or detached retina. If a patient has eye cancer, this condition can be detected using retinal imaging. The testing identifies any signs of melanoma within the retina. Other conditions that are diagnosed with retinal imaging include hypertension as related to vision issues, as well as glaucoma.

How Our Optometrist Diagnoses, Treats, and Manages Eye Conditions

Our optometrist uses retinal imaging in Hamilton Ontario to provide early detection of eye diseases. This is the best way to prevent vision loss and long-term vision problems, as our optometrist can begin treating you right away. Through early detection and treatment methods, we can help reduce the effects of most eye conditions. In the case of macular degeneration, we can slow the progression of this incurable, age-related eye disease. By providing management for eye diseases we can provide you with better vision outcomes while reducing eye pain and vision loss. It all begins with getting a comprehensive eye exam that includes our retinal imaging machine for a diagnostic tool.

Retinal Imaging Near Hamilton Ontario

To get started with retinal imaging near Hamilton Ontario, give us a call. Our eye doctor at Crown Point Optometry offers this specialized eye care service along with routine eye exams and visual field testing. Contact Dr. Suzanne McNeill at 289-206-0985 to schedule your appointment for an advanced digital exam today.



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